Live Cell Tracker – Description

15 Apr, 2017

Live Cell Tracker – Description

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Imagine you going to attend a family/friend get-together and want to know where others’ are so that you can reach there same time as others. Or imagine you are driving a car to a team outing and some of the team members are in another car. In such situations where you wish to track others’ location live, all you need to do is install “Live Cell Tracker”.


Live Cell Tracker allows you to track other users live. Using this application you can track the movement of other number for a specific duration. You can now stay in touch with your loved ones and stay carefree about where they are at any given time.


All you need to do is install the app and register using your mobile number and email Id. To track someone just enter their number and the duration for which you want to track. The app takes care of informing the target user that you wish to track him/her. The target person then can allow/deny your request. If he wishes to allow then you can see his/her movements live in your cellphone for the given duration.


If you want to track the other person but don’t want to wait for the other person to always allow the request, the target user has to just add your number to the allowed list in the app settings. Next time when a request from you is received, the app will just auto accept without waiting for the approval from the user and sends you location updates.


Either you or the remote user can stop the tracking anytime. All you or the other person has to do is open the app and click on the stop button.
How it works
• Register using your email Id and contact number

  • Send request for tracking other number. If that number is not registered, then app can send an SMS on your behalf to that number requesting them to install the app for tracking


If the remote is already registered, you will see an alert that the request is sent.


If the target user is not registered, then you will see an alert that the target user is not registered and will send an SMS instead asking the target user to install the app. If you agree, then the app will send an SMS on your behalf.

  • The device of the target person receives a request for tracking


If you check on that check box, then the option you select will be remembered and the next time a request is received you will not be notified. Instead it will apply the same option you selected this time.




You can check the list of contacts that are always allowed or always denied by visiting the settings option in the app.


  • Once accepted you can track the movement of the other person for specific duration



  • You can check the tracks later as well since it will be saved on your device


  • You can add a particular contact to Allowed or Denied list manually by visiting the settings of the app so that a request for tracking is automatically accepted or rejected

Other options

  • You can view the track on Google Map live
  • You can track another number for different durations – 2 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 hour or 2 hours
  • You can stop any tracking by just tapping on one button
  • All active tracking will be listed in main screen.
  • GPS needs to be enabled for tracking


As we add more features and options, we need your feedback on what you think about the app and what changes you want. Please send us a mail at and let us know.
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